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Seven weeks after the release of our first title Neurokult we are quiet happy about the reviews and the feedback we got. We already patched serious issues that were technical problems and implemented a low effect option for older devices. After evaluating feedback and sales for the game in general, we finally pinned the changes for our next update. While working on our new project, we are going to the following changes to increase our audience and smoothen the experience for everyone.

  • We will build a new sound and a stronger effect for “eliminating” orbs to give a more satisfying feeling during the whole game and just make it in general more fun to do it again and again. That was the first feedback from the community of toucharcade, the first point of Rami at the Gamescom and our thought what is missing while playing Cipher Primes Intake.
  • Next one is an adaption of the difficulty. We got mixed feedback regarding the difficulty and we are still sticking to the concept of a hardcore experience but we definitely are changing the increase of the orb spawn rate and the speed to a more linear curve. Like this we will still deliver a pretty ambitious gaming experience but avoid the problem we often heard that it is hard to show the game to someone else with the outcome of a positive experience because even the first levels are very hard.
  • Stage 08 Kinesthesia and Stage 14 Hemispehere will be changed. Regarding the feedback and our own opinions after playing Neurokultfor a while the concept of swapping the control elements of the user is just bad. It is very hard to detect for the player and we have no idea how we could convey the mechanic better to the player by other effects or sounds. But we have something in mind that is definitely more fun and more intuitive for these bastard stages.
  • Beside some minor technical issues last but not least we are going to change the concept of the bombs. But we are not really sure about that due to the fact that there is mixed feedback. Bombs should not longer kill the player instantly; still punish the player by sucking the energy bar to zero, but not completely disrupt the game. We are thinking about that because Neurokult is a lot about getting into a flow and touching a bomb is always a complete, too much of a disruption of your flow with an instant death. So as written above this would and could be our solution; a big punishment but not a game over.

The update will be scheduled for the end of january, because we don’t want to mess with all the big guys battling for visibilty in the Appstore during Christmas time :). Let us know what you think and send us your feedback and ideas.

PS: Have you noticed, there is already xmas & snow on the blue orb ^^

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